Running Cord 812

Running Cord 812
Cord 810/812 roadster – Running Cord 812
Running Cord 812, 2003 Cord 810/812 roadster .

Running Cord 812

Cord 810/812 roadster

Cord 810/812 roadster


  1. ToyKingWonder

    @juankenon You guys can blame Detroit all you want. They'd be more than happy to build something like this if there was a demand. You can squarely blame the American consumer. The American consumer today is peopled by women that want ease and men who are wimps when it comes to cars. How many people do you know that think a Honda Accord is a "fine car"? These people wouldn't know a fine car if it bit them on the ass. The reason we have lousy cars, bad music and bad movies? The buyers.

  2. safetychoice

    @theshadow1932 I don't know about the unions but you are so right about government interference. They were beautiful cars. Way ahead of their time.

  3. Hunter Ziegelmann

    Youtube is officially a load of crap we want old layout back obviously and I want it so that i don't need to upgrade adobe for it becuase it's NOT WORKING BTW google you guys SUCK

  4. yamahonkawazuki

    @XxSTICH666xX i think all automakers have. i blame many factors. unions, , people NOT wanting to put effort into building a GREAT car, etc. these units were NOT disposible. , they were too well built. maybe that was why cars of this calibre are no longer built. manufacturers, want you to return and get another one. ALL of them do. no car makers overbuild anymore, this was when overbuilding was a good thing

  5. XxSTICH666xX

    Incompetence. I mean they are getting their act together but they've just been the most incompetent manufacturers on the planet since the 70's.

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