iPhone 7 & 7 Plus – New Features & Rumors Part 2!

iPhone 7, 7 Plus & 6C Rumors & Leaks Keep Coming! Features & Changes To Expect + New Rumor Roundup!
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iPhone 7 & 7 Plus - New Features & Rumor Roundup

iPhone 7, 7 Plus & 7 Mini Rumors & Leaks Have Begun! New Features To Expect & Rumor Roundup With Sources!
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  1. Mona Aljasem 3

    I just bought the 6S
    Im not changing it!
    Who doesn't want headphones! Luke C'mon

  2. islam Ezzat

    what i'd like to see on iphone 7
    – the 3models comes with exact same deferences only on their screens and batteries
    – water proof like sony Xperias
    – develop the bottom of iphone
    – make a new lightening generation in same concept of mega safe 2 of macbooks
    – stronger flash of the camera & laser focus
    – dual stereo speakers
    – better facing camera for selfies
    – thinner iphone like 5 – 6mm maximum
    – long life battery like magic mouse 2
    – improve the software IOS – now android getting much better by the time on it's services and easy of access

  3. Nicol Morrison

    Hasnt anyone thought that the iphone 7 may come with bluetooth headphones/earphones?

  4. Hannah305

    Everybody still seems to be using wired headphones where I am as much as I know..😂 but hey, Apple always changes things and disappoints people, I don't know…

  5. Matthew Olmedo

    That's bullshit Bluetooth always has a delay when watching videos or hearing music

  6. william christenbury

    hum you go from saying they are removing the headphone jack for better hd audio then say use bluetooth headphones..talk about bad audio! bluetooth sounds terrible expecally compaired to analog sound coming out of the headphone jack.. so no thanks! i'll keep my old fashion headphone jack! for now..

  7. Reveille Domingo

    Is it just me, or did anyone else didn't care at all because he's too cute to look at? LOL.

  8. Nori Giron

    They don't release photo's of the iPhone 7 until next year right? Because I've heard that the iPhone 7 will have a pull out keyboard like the Blackberry Priv and I was like that's bullshit. Tell me this isn't true lmao

  9. lestat1886

    The C of 5C for Cheap??! It is a non-sense! It was for Colors not Cheap!! It could be in aluminium and different colors like the iPods. And be called 6C or 7C… As for stylus, i don't agree. Jobs was talking about phones not big tablets, and the iPad pro stylus is just an accessory not mandatory to use the iPad

  10. Brookeh

    Yeah I bought the iPhone 5s when the iPhone 6plus came out. I'm like, I could get it, but.. The iPhone 5s is so pretty! OKAY ILL GET IT! plus I have small hands.

  11. Apokalypse4 | HypnoCat a.k.a Tank :3

    Dude logic smaller phone smaller battery there fore slower specs to remain the battery life

  12. Bakir Cummings

    Are you comfortable in that extra small tee shirt? Other than that great video.

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