The award-winning Aorus X5 gaming laptop

The Aorus X5 packs Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 965M and Intel’s Core i7 CPU into what maker Gigabyte boasts is the world’s most powerful 15-inch laptop.
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The AORUS X3 Plus – this thing is an absolute monster in a tiny package. But does it run into the same thermal throttling issues we experienced on the BRIX Gaming?

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  1. RuthlessConnectioN88

    SLI is for morons just give me a single powerful graphics card not 2 shit ones.

  2. Crurvid

    All the original vids I've seen of this laptop show it with a centered trackpad, is that unavailable now?

  3. Emil Chetty

    How much do you wanna a bet that this guy has no idea what SLI or G-Sync Even means…

  4. coolguy hero

    i pass it & i will go for dell or asus better hardware & price is less than this.

  5. keyzin tan

    give lenovo a moment before their y series gaming laptop pack the modular graphic card to take on this one 🙂 just like the lenovo y500 series onwards

  6. ExpertWeapons

    How come it's the most powerful and it only has a gtx 965 instead of the gtx 980?

  7. Jack of Blades

    I just bought a 34 64 m g6, with 5 sync power turbo 55s. Pretty much the fastest thing on the planet

  8. Mohammed Alobaidan

    lol whats up with the GTX 965 and 3k res ? how can I play with this thing ?

    Edit: NVM its GTX 965 SLI

  9. Brandon Khan

    I don't think this laptop should have touch as its so gamer oriented, but I would have loved to see touch on the Asus ROG 501jk. That's the only thing making me choose the Razer blade 14 over the ROG.

  10. Klaudia J.

    Extremely biased opinion, like you review a P34W you pointed out the bad sides, but here you didnt said anything about creacking hinged and all construction under pressure… 
    P34W had GTX 970M that is 44% stronger than gtx 870m according to users benchmarks, but you still point out that IT HAS 6 GB OF RAM, like it would make a lot of difference, when the GPU has slower mrender, splatting or parallax.
    And wow what a good laptop and stuff, looks awesome and wow in general, but in fact this is an overpriced piece of creacking crap that does worse job than his uglier and underrated brother p34w v4.

  11. Kenny Nguyen (Kennyspy3D)

    Wait so it's not wirelesslesly connected to the Internet you have to connect it by wire?

  12. Bad Mothasucker

    hearing this guy talk is about the same level of hearing an ex wife bitch…annoying.

  13. Mojhune Gabriel Manzanillo

    I am planning for a laptop upgrade and I think it is the one. What do you guys think of it considering the price is lower now?

  14. ashtrayz Prod.

    Bruh… the only reason these gaming laptops cost that much is because of the resolution????????
    This laptop has the same exact specs as some laptops that cost Under 1k or near 1k. Except it has a 970m…. Which a 970M isn't even that superior compared to a 960M Look up performance of the 960m vs 970m.

    WTF. These companys are scammers I swear, but nah at the same time because these days making gaming laptops are not that easy of technology to make into such a small machine. But still. Why do these expensive gaming laptops cost that much? ($2k+) If they have such similar specs…

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