MEIZU M2 Note Review!

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Meizu has created a flagship level experience for a sub 0 price point.

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Here is the review of Meizu M2 Note. This handset was launched in China for 799 RMB (Approx Rs. 8,200). It is powered by octa core processor and is running FlyMe 4.5l based on 64 bit Android 5.1 (Lollipop).

The handset comes packed with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and a micro SD card slot that supported up to 128GB storage cards. Screen is 5.5 inchs FHD and also included is a 13MP camera on the rear and 5MP on the front.

This review covers unboxing, gaming, battery performance and benchmark.

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  1. DAFNA Lottar

    קניתי טלפון נייד סיני. ממש נהדר, להפעיל אותו במצבי  הוא משימה קשה .לאט,לאט. כמה אני מקנאה בכם הצעיריםורמים לכם באצבעות ובמוח בקלות……כל הדברים האלה

  2. Ahmad Farhan Modifody

    What Do You Think Which Is Better Moto G 3rd Generation Or Meizu M2 Note

  3. Mike Alexandrovsky

    I am an iphone user, and I want to buy an android phone. My question is weather this phone can run the regular android os like on the samsung s. Or is the flyme the same thing? lol i have 0 knowledge about android

  4. Cheryna Syin

    @oprahs kankles i hv issue with my google always appear 'error retrieving information from server [rpc: s7, blablabla'..what shud i do?

  5. Sirijan Thakur

    I love the flow in which you speak. Most reviewers speak so fast that most of the information fly out of my mind but in your case it was perfect for me.

  6. Francis Camara

    when i lower the graphics settings on the game will it help less the lag on asphalt 8?

  7. hadi s

    holy shit, 160$? you can't buy a crap phone with this price in sweden, i wanna move to china lol

  8. Oprahs Kankles

    I don't believe this review really captures m2 note as a whole. I personally have the phone and I only have great things to say about this phone. The UI is honestly great, I do believe this review was with flyme 4.5.1. I have 4.5.3 (stable version) and its amazing, the multitasking is great, feels smooth, and battery has been great. It also has a extreme battery mode like the galaxy ui, where it will only let you call and text, this increases battery life extremely. Just looking at antutu benchmark score to justify the m2 note is bs, multitasking is just fine. The software overall is a mix between ios and android. I do believe it takes the best features of both. Also the OS has been updated frequently for me, the notification lockscreen is fixed and the keyboard is honestly really really good and has been better than the stock android 5.1 keyboard. The chinese apps are easy to uninstall and google play is preinstalled with flyme 5.4.3. I do agree the back camera is average. But the front facing camera is actually really good! For snapchat, instagram, and fb the quailty of the pics I would say are almost as good as the nexus 6 when taken with the right exposure. Plus the chinese music app literally lets you stream almost any song for free and is really quick to buffer. If lte is a deal breaker, then this phone may not be for you.The t mobile 4g speeds in L.A. have been around 12-17mbs. Overall I love the phone it was worth every penny. Feel free to ask me any questions any questions on the m2 note!

  9. Sumesh Joshi

    sir playstore on my fone (meizu m2 note ) is loading very slow any idea how to fix it …have1.5mbps using wifi

  10. kimi kimster

    Prolly the best review i saw for this phone!
    Ur actually talking about the phone unlike others that are always comparing it with some other phone or just complaining on what they dont like about the phone .. thats for the viewers to judge.
    So once again ,great job dude.

  11. Genvix

    Is this the best SmartPhone for the price if so tell me im interested thank you great review

  12. Mrinal Pillai

    There is some issue regarding chinese apps, and chinese language and other aspects? Is that true ?
    And can you guide us on the aftercare services of the Meizu, like where can we get a customer service center?

  13. goga18AAAA

    i see oter revievs of the phone and those are showing bad gaming enormance how yu running asphalt 8 this smoot?

  14. Djebrohangar WoT

    After 2y of lumia 520 exploitation, M2 note is going to be starship for me.

  15. madhu sudhan

    actually i'm looking for a mobile
    which has
    great camera quality (both Rear and Front )
    and minimum of 16 GB ROM
    with one day battery Standy + Dual sim (it would be great if i can use both Dual sim's and Micro SD card )
    Max limit is 16K ( +2 if required )
    i'm looking at
    Meizu M2
    Lenovo Vibe P1 M
    Coolpad Note3
    does anything else is better than the above ones
    if yes
    Please suggest me
    Thank you!

  16. Pradeep Murugan

    It runs on MT6753 and you said MT6735 in your review. CPUz is not always correct.

  17. wyndell gino

    mr gogi you always give a good review when it comes to gadget information are very detailed and there is always a tip for any gadget that you review again thanks and keep up the good work mr gogi☺

  18. Putu Pering

    I use m2 and m2 note, i have encounter some problems when opening some apps. I think the os is not compatible with some apps. I have many issues also with other basic tools. Ex. U move volume bar until it silent, but you can still hear notification when any bbm come in…. and many more😕

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