Donald Trump swastikas painted near roads

Two large swastikas with a picture that resembles Donald Trump at its center were found around Atlanta Wednesday morning.

According to Atlanta Police, Homeland Security has been notified. Atlanta Police officer Tomas Coxe discovered the graffiti while on patrol on a concrete bridge support on Piedmont Road and Miami Circle and another around the area of Buford Highway at Interstate 85.

« I worry about someone getting hit, » he said. « It’s extremely dangerous due to the fact that everyone’s slamming their breaks on, and it’s dangerous for us being out here and the public driving through here. »

Both pieces of graffiti were removed before lunchtime.

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Republican presidential candidate’s proposal to ban Muslims from US entry draws fire from both sides of the aisle
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  1. Permavag

    I really hope this idiot gets in, those fake Americans deserve nothing better. Trump makes GW Bush seem intelligent. It just shows how you only need to be a big mouthed arrogant bully to be successful in the USA.

  2. Theoreokiller23

    Why won't someone assonate trump yet, risk your life for the humanity of America.

  3. RawSiafu

    Oh, so that's why Hillary Clinton was taking those art lessons! She was only taught how to do self portrait. :)

  4. LuxAlbedo

    Again, FDR implemented a closed migration policy that dwarfed Trump's proposal. Thus, FDR was SUPER ÜBER Hitler. Ridiculous.

  5. alessandro quarta

    You are so ignorant ,Trump is Republican , Socialist are fascist.Read books and learn

  6. Carlos Valderrama

    Men!. Would you like to date your own daughters? ??
    If so, Danny Dump is your candidate.
    Many things in common.

  7. plumeria66

    The more I see this stuff, the more evidence that ignorance is the biggest issue in America. What monsters have we created where defending one's country by keeping killers out is being equated to as Hitler? Sad. So much brainwashing by the media and school system.

  8. Phil Hart

    You know liberals are scared when they break out the 'Hitler' card……Trump 2016!

  9. Goodgoyim Takethepill

    i bet some angry white suburban liberal did this after he got his money from his mom and walked down the road to his open borders advocacy group. Notice how hateful liberals are? Trump 2016

  10. Ed G

    Trump was right and wins again!!!
    Polls pollls polls!!! He's up again!!!
    Go trump go!!!
    Trump 2016!!!

  11. J

    As democrat I'm changing my party and if the GOP dump trump I'll still vote for trump………………………trump 2016

  12. Fr Louie Goad

    Christmas: Not a Mosulan day. We have so many problems in America. Hunger,//homeless.
    Not American: America banned Native Americans Citizenship, Women the right to vote, Blacks the rights as White, Japanese encampment, Same sex marriage. America has a history of Banning.

  13. RightWingEye

    if republicans kick him out the republicans will lose 70% votes no way in hell win US ELE

  14. the best U.S.A

    I see they are doing everything .They can destroy Donald Trump.
    because he speaks with the true.
    and he loves his country.
    Donald Trump our next president 2016.

  15. the best U.S.A

    go away Ryan Hitlery.
    you Wil see what is gonna happen with this country.
    is gonna be the worst country in the world.
    just write in your notebook.
    if you not vote for Donald Trump .you gonna regret.
    like when you didn't vote for Ross Perot.
    Donald Trump our president we are with you.
    we love you.

  16. The Great Restoration

    I sick and tired of these media bastards talking about us being afraid of terrorism Fear….blah blah we're not afraid of terrorism. I'm not afraid…I'm concerned, but I'm certainly not afraid or have fear. fuck these talking heads TRUMP 2016!!!

  17. boxartobbe

    Disgusting its like watching a pit of snakes jumping around trying to bite and kill Donald Trump these people are not humans they are reptilians

  18. LuxAlbedo

    Ignorance (lies). Trump's proposal is a fraction of FDR's and Eisenhower's migration exclusion. Just a fraction! Fox News is shoulder to shoulder with the SJWs in the trenches. They fight to obliterate the West.

  19. Omar Cleveland

    Man fuck all the representatives but Trump. He the only one that makes any chance of any change. Anybody else is just a puppet. At least he is a leader. I don't believe in everything he says but at least we can see some real change

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