FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump FIRES up Myrtle Beach, SC Crowd (11-24-15)

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump FIRES up Myrtle Beach, SC Crowd (11-24-15)
FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump FIRES up Myrtle Beach, SC Crowd (11-24-15)
Donald Trump

November 24, 2015: It was YUGE. GOP Presidential candidate and front-runner Donald J. Trump held a campaign rally and gave a speech to an overflow crowd at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, SC.

TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT Rally in Myrtle Beach, SC on Tuesday, November 24th at 6:00PM! Doors open at 3:30PM.

Watch Live: Donald Trump Rally in Myrtle Beach, SC (11-24-15)
Donald Trump: 'I have to do what's right'
Donald Trump: ‘I have to do what’s right’
Donald Trump

Republican candidate Donald Trump speaks to CNN’s Don Lemon on a variety of issues.


  1. BilOmar Elmasry

    No one understands that Muslims do not hate America, But Muslim terrorists does. And not all Muslims are terrorists.
    **This is kind of foolish policy games.
    I'm American Muslim.

  2. Millennial73

    Just watched CNN and Trump has 25% of the black vote. If that is true the election is OVER.

  3. theslyfoxthatcreeps

    You butthurt Trump-supporters are going to get so mad! Donald Trump is disqualified from presidency! HAHAHA!

  4. spookrockcity

    Obama failed. 10 trillion added to the U.S. debt and he has NOTHING to show for it.

    I'd rather elect an honest bigot than another empty suit who can't win a debate without Candy Crowley bailing him out.

    I don't like Trump but it's time to elect an outsider who isn't owned by their party.

  5. Wenatachee777

    "Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites. To support roguery and error all over the earth."
    Source: Thomas Jefferson, "Religion" in Notes on the State of Virginia (1782), p. 286.

    Daddy donates 162 million to Trump in the sixties. Trump declares 4 bankruptcies while hiding stupendous assets. Trump makes for a terrific snake charmer, don't you think, fucking away other people's investments but as he says, those people were "bad" people. So what does that make him? Does he take any responsibility? Hell, no. Nothing to worry about. Especially if your IQ is below 30 which pretty much includes all Republicans stupid enough, silly enough, bigoted enough and nasty enough to put their blind faith in a Class A1 Demonstrable Asshole. The guy knows shit about history. He is overblown and full of hot air. His patron saint is Reagan, the asshole that cut the elite from 78% tax to 28% tax besides signing the St. Germaine bill allowing Wall Street to loot/gamble tax payer money. Our debt went up 186% under Reagan, mortgages skyrocketing to 26% interest rates while he threw the mentally incompetent out into the streets. That’s Reagan. The one and the same that made secret arms deals with Iran even though it was prohibited by Congress – it’s called treason by the way – while paying for the arms with drugs and allowing the death squads to “disappear” people in El Salvador. That’s Reagan and that is what Trump aspires to be like.

    Now I know most of you on this page are mentally and spiritually retarded so this info will probably not be fact checked at all. So while darling Trump signs some stupid paper pledging to support whoever the nominee would be for the Republican Party… remember, it’s Trump. It’s just a slip of paper, something easily crumbled and thrown into the waste basket. A sacred oath is just a bit of slurred words that have no true meaning. Look at his life. Look at his patterns. Look at his lies, his bullying, his bluff and his bluster. The only thing he is missing is a white sheet. He should be wearing it shortly along with all the other sorry Republican candidates who do not have the brains, character, creativity or talent to negotiate rather than to leap into war. Oh, that’s right. They aren’t leaping; they want OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS to go leap into that cauldron cause don’t you know, they aren’t even going to talk to other world leaders: Fuck ‘em – they’re just going to go to war…

    Maybe shocking and awing and ultimately killing between 1-3 million Iraqi civilians in a sovereign country over premeditated lies from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Powell over “weapons of mass destruction” is the real fuel of ISIS. Maybe those secret destabilizing coups and wars in South America, Africa, Venezuela, and the Middle East aka John Perkins have worked their magic of intolerance. And with the loss of trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs and while veterans kill themselves, this is the fucked up mess you idiots have to offer this country: Trump. You know shit about world affairs, about the “53 Iranian Coup where CIA and Israeli thugs killed between 300-800 human beings to throw democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh into prison for 3 years and have our puppet shah do our further torturing and killing for oil companies. I know your empathy and creativity scale is about non-existent but imagine if you were an Iranian civilian and your father was tortured or killed by Americans invading your country over oil profiteering.

    I’m Native-American so you guys can fuck yourselves over telling me any of your bullshit. I know your wars. I know your lies. I know your disease. You just keep lying and fucking people over, even yourselves, you can’t seem to help being cold fucking dumb.

    You know, for wanting smaller government, you Republicans fuck everything up with your incessant warmongering without checking into FACTS. Your stupidity is costing us not only trillions but our own security and sanity given you know shit about the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Spirit by which the founding fathers meant them.

  6. john trollston

    its funny if you compare the audiences from bernies speeches with trumps, bernies is very diverse and trumps is filled with a bunch of white people

  7. hap i-m26

    I can't wait until Trump mentions the Clinton death trail.  90 of the Clintons' close associates have mysteriously turned up dead over the years, including family attorney Vince Foster and his alleged "suicide."  Clinton is going to drown out in her own misery and corruption, as all things come back to catch you at the end.

  8. Mine too bad 1234 8463 doggy style

    he is an arrogant asshole hole …but i like a lot what hes sayin.

  9. Ed G

    Trump was right and wins again!!!
    Polls pollls polls!!! He's up again!!!
    Go trump go!!!
    Trump 2016!!!

  10. John Doe

    WHY is it so hard to go on youtube and see the truth ?

    Start here ( isis training kids ) What do you think will happen when they grow up in America ? Don't be scared think ten years down the road .

  11. goodstuffohhyeah

    "I'm not like some of the other people that you talk to that are…essentially losers" lolol Trump is the best!

  12. Gary Kindt

    This idiot is so stupid, he doesn't even know what the term DISQUALIFIED means.
    He should not only be disqualified to run by the republican party, he should be disqualified to run at all. He is a dishonorable, criminal level wartime draft evader. That alone should be enough.

  13. john smith

    Democrats are the worst thing that happend to America They a worst than Hitler and Stalin together . Trump save America !

  14. CanadaDig

    Republican or democrat —- both soooo successful …..how are these going — war on terror, war on poverty, clean water act, clean air act, no child left behind, freedom of speech, social security, Patriot act, balance the budget, affordable healthcare, We thank you REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS FOR THE LAST 30 years of success !!!

  15. CanadaDig

    Political correctness —— spreading democracy = spreading war… Financially challenged = poor …..war on drugs = drug monopoly for CIA …..war on terror = scare our people to get their rights.

  16. Ralf Rath

    Close doors and borders for one or two years is not against muslim people and even no problem for the USA – other countries would do this without any problems at once to protect own people first – But not the USA – the USA does nothing to protect own US people to give US families a chance to survive this IS terror! Is this reasonable? Why should USA support IS terror? I only remember the intention of IS terror war is to destroy USA – is this not enough reason to stop IS as fast as possible? Give never IS terror a chance!

  17. I Still Love Vista (Baby)

    He's right. Just like how legal immigrants get annoyed by illegal immigrants giving them a bad name, Muslims get annoyed by radical Islamists giving their religion a bad name. Banning Muslims from coming in until we sort out a way to tell who the ones with good intent are so that we don't have another situation like with the San Bernadino shooting (hint: both shooters were radicalized years before the wife lied in the vetting process to come to US), is good for both of us because we get less terrorist attacks and Muslims get less of a bad rep. Then once we start wiping out these primitive radical Muslim that are housing these radical Islamists and creating mentally deficient kids with their inbreeding, the world will be a better place and maybe those moderate Muslims will be able to fix their own countries.

    Another thing – People also don't talk about this, but Japan has had 0 terrorist attacks because they are very critical of Muslims. Those trying to convert people to Islam aggressively are deported, they sell Japanese translated versions of the Qur'an with the violence edited out, and they only have 2 main mosques with resident areas near them. Muslims are to pray at home instead of flooding the streets to pray in a big group on the ground, and if they pray in public like that, they're fined. Some of things might be good for America as well because while freedom of religion is okay, it should not be okay to so aggressively push your religion either.

  18. nurul soheil

    what religion is Saudi people ? are they belongs to African tribe ! sun is their God ! just curious!

  19. nurul soheil

    what religion is Saudi people ? are they belongs to African tribe ! sun is their God ! just curious!

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